Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa is Back From the Finisher

My dad collects Santa Clauses, so I try to make him a needlepoint Santa for Christmas each year.  This year's Santa is back from the finisher, and I'm so pleased with how he turned out!

The canvas is by Amanda Lawford, who designs a ton of Santas.  I think I made him more complicated than he needs to be by doing all of the fur in French knots, but I love how soft and fuzzy it turned out. 

I'm hoping to take a picture of all of the Santas while I'm visiting with my parents at Christmas, so stay tuned.


  1. I collect Santas, so I was thrilled to see your needlepoint Santa. Can't wait to see the others. I would love to make one. You have inspired me. I used to needlepoint, but have not done it in forever. Your Santa for your Dad is gorgeous! I know he will cherish it. Such a special gift. You are a very talented gal. Love & blessings from NC!