Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Special Offer

Bet you thought I forgot about this month's special offer. . .   Of course I didn't!

Today is January 30, so today and tomorrow only, take 30 percent off any sweater order.  Mention coupon code ITHY-JAN11 in your convo or email ( to take advantage of this offer. Orders/emails must be received by midnight EST tomorrow, January 31.

Have fun! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rich and Delicious

I don't know what I love more, these "sweet" little works in mixed media by Martha Rich, or the fact that her last name is "Rich" and she creates--among other things--food art.  Is it wrong that they make me hungry?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink, Pink (and Red and Orange)

I just finished up this custom order for Christy.  The sweater is going to be gift for a baby shower for Christy's friend.  The mom-to-be is expecting a little girl, so Christy wanted something that just screams "It's a girl!"  You know how much I love pink, so I was in love with the IDEA of this one from the very start.  And I'm so excited about how well it turned out.  Interesting, though, for as much as I love all that pink, I particularly like the turquoise flower buttons at the shoulders--I think the blue cuts the sweetness just a bit.

This sweater was also exciting because Christy was my first taker on the Honeysuckle offer.  Hooray for honeysuckle!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring Road in California Winter

Photographer Krista Lund sent me these charming pictures of the Spring Road sweater. What a little cutie!  (I also admit to being a bit jealous that it's warm enough in California to be outside in just a sweater--even a good looking one like that!) 

Be sure to check out Krista's website to see more of her beautiful photographs!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do What You Love

I've been struggling with some big life choices over the past week or so (hence my long absence from Inside the Yellow House!).  I saw this print on the Etsy front page this morning, and it really helped to put things into perspective.  Maybe it is that simple. 

You can see it for yourself (as well as some other words of wisdom) at Christen's Etsy shop, letterhappy.   

Friday, January 14, 2011

She Did It First

When I saw Julia Lovett's map featuring all of the state street signs, I was both impressed and disappointed.  You may remember that I've been taking my own set of pictures of the D.C. state street signs (I have eight left).  So seeing Julia's finished collection (long before mine) really bummed me out.  I'm sure neither she nor I is the first one to embark on this adventure, but she's getting major kudos (here she is on DC ist) for getting pictures of all of the signs and I wanted those for me!! (I know, big time pity party!)  I do have to give her major props for the map--I'm not sure I would have come up with a presentation that's nearly as clever.  So, Julia, job well done.  I'll have to settle for being second best and take pleasure in the joy of the hunt! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remembering Papa

Remember these? Romper Stompers?! When I was little, I saw them on my favorite TV show, Romper Room, and I just had to have a set. Our local toy store didn’t sell them, but my beloved grandfather agreed that I had to have them, and he went from store to store until he finally tracked them down. I remember how excited he was to give them to me. Even today, in my mind, he is beaming as he watches four-year-old me stomp around the kitchen on those plastic yellow cups.

It was a small moment, but to me it really sums up my grandfather. He adored his grandchildren and would have done anything for us.

Papa died in 2000. Had he lived, today would have been his 100th birthday. Even 10 years later, I still miss him terribly. I miss staying at my grandparents’ house and jumping into bed with him in the morning. I miss seeing him waiting for me on the porch when we visited on Sunday afternoons. I miss going with him and my grandmother to the mall and visiting with their friends who all hung out there. I miss seeing him drive his great big Cadillac.  I miss how he couldn’t leave a message on my answering machine but wondered how I always knew that he had called (because I could hear him yelling to my grandmother, on the machine, “She’s not home.”).

I wish I still had those Romper Stompers, but I have so many wonderful memories.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out Walking

Since it's freezing cold here in D.C., Bullet and I decided to go for a little evening walk along the Mall (What were we thinking?!?!).  It was too cold to stay out for long, but I did manage to snap this cool picture of the Washington Monument.  I am NOT a good photographer, but every now and then I take one I like.  My night pictures never turn out well, so this was a particularly exciting moment for me!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Custom Sweater

Have I mentioned that I love doing custom work?  I finished up this sweater today.  The customer wanted a sweater for her Goddaughter, but she wanted something that wasn't pink, purple, or other typical "little girl colors."  We came up with this vibrant combination of red, purple, and lime green.  I'm thrilled with how it turned out!  She'll certainly be the brightest kid at day care!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Rainbow Treasury

Check out this gorgeous treasury feauturing the Klingle Road sweater.  I think the rainbow effect is fabulous!  Love the progression from red to purple, and the bright colors are spectacular!  I also love the glam bag and the reclaimed glasses, which come from nearby Frederick, Maryland. 

Be sure to take a spin past curator Shelly Rose's shop, Green Belle Designs.  Her cool eco-friendly dryer balls look like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  And her knit scarves are not only absolutely beautiful, but they look so warm and cozy. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Order Your Valentine's Sweater Now!

Katie's comment that yesterday's treasury reminds her of Valentine's Day reminded me to post about the deadline for Valentine's orders.  All orders for sweaters to be delivered by Valentine's Day must be in by January 12, which is in six short days.  I have tons of adorable heart-shaped buttons, including some blue ones if pink is too girly.  Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I [Heart] Stripes Treasury

I just saw this stunning treasury, featuring the Jocelyn Street sweater, and wow!  I just love the pinks and reds.  And, of course, stripes are my thing.  That ring, the quilt, the graphic postcard, oh my! 
The treasury was curated by By The Wayside, whose Etsy shop features all kinds of vintage treasures, from kitsch and collectibles, to dishes and glasses, books and games.  Browsing through her shop takes me right back to my grandmother's house!  Check it out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Running for Beads

I've been holding off (to give myself the chance to chicken out!), but I'm officially registered for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans.  I'm excited!  It looks like a really fun race, and I'm looking forward to going to New Orleans for the first time.  Now, if only I can get myself in shape to run 13.1 miles . . .

This race is key toward one of my 35 Before 36 goals, which is to run three halfs before my 36th birthday.  I haven't quite settled on the third one yet, but I need to get something on the calendar.  Time is running out!  If you have any ideas for a big, fun race toward the end of May, please tell me!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day 5K

Yesterday, I ran the inaugural New Year's Day 5K in Reston, Virginia.  It was a great way to welcome the new year.
I'm always a little bit skeptical of races that start in suburban shopping centers or office parks because they often end up being a tour of shopping center or office park.  And running past the Gap and FedEx is only so intreresting.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the bulk of the race was on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, which is pretty scenic.  It was a little cruel that the first part of the race was largely downhill and, since it was an out-and-back course, that meant the last part of the race was largely uphill, but there's only so much the race organizers can do about the topography.  (They can, however, make sure that there's water on the course, and not having water was a significant flaw of this race.) 

We've been having a warm spell in D.C., so they weather was downright balmy, which was an added bonus.  And the 10am start time was positively genius.  All in all, I was glad I dragged myself out of bed and drove out to Reston.  I feel like I've gotten my 2011 off on the right foot, so to speak. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Progress

Happy New Year!  Here's my latest progress on the 35 Before 36 front.  I crossed a couple off the list in December. 

35 Before 36 Update

1. Read 12 books.  8/12 complete.  
2. Go to New York City for a Broadway weekend.
3. Start saving regularly—even if modestly—for the addition to my house.  Still on track. 
4. Clean out my closet and give a lot to Goodwill.
5. Finish my state streets project.
6. Donate to: Washington Humane Society, Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, and my various alma maters: Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Michigan Law School, the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
7. Go to the U.S. Botanic Garden.
8. Get a massage and/or a facial each month.  7/12 complete.
9. Purge and replenish my underwear drawer.
10. See 12 movies in the theater.  10/12 complete.  Saw in December: "How Do You Know" and "The Fighter"
11. Spend a weekend the Omni Bedford Springs (my favorite).
12. Keep an inventory of food in the freezer.  Falling down on this one some.  I need to work harder to get a system in place.
13. Run three half marathons. 1/3 complete. 
14. Try yoga again.  I'm planning to take a yoga class beginning in January. 
15. Start to research the history of my house.
16. Reorganize my pantry.
17. Buy a nice piece of jewelry (pearls?).
18. Try 12 new (to me), local restaurants.  8/12 complete.
19. Improve my bread-baking skills.
20. Take Bullet on a weekend trip.
21. Get a new camera.
22. Take more pictures.I think I'm finally starting to do a better job on this one.  Poor Bullet is paying the price!
23. Pay off my car.
24. Master real push-ups.
25. Make at least two meals per month to freeze for later.  Still on track.
26. Organize my knitting and needlepoint supplies.
27. Send more postcards when I travel with notes telling people I’m thinking of them.
28. Make a star tree-topper for my Christmas tree.  Canvas is purchased--need to start needlepointing.
29. Have a party.
30. Go to the renovated National Museum of American History.  The First Ladies exhibit is still one of my favorite!
31. Go to the beach.
32. Buy fresh flowers more often.  I'm working on this one, but it's getting harder as the weather gets cooler.
33. Paint my old patio furniture (or have it painted).
34. Take a crafting class.
35. Walk home from work at least once a week, weather permitting.  I haven't done a great job on this one especially since it's gotten colder, but I have been running a lot, so I'm going to give myself something of a pass.