Monday, September 10, 2012

Confessions of a Knitter

Time for true confessions: I watch a ton of TV. When I'm knitting, I need to have something on in the background to keep me occupied.  Generally, it's the television. I'll watch it all--sitcoms, dramas, reality TC, reruns of Law & Order, Dateline and 48 Hours (should I admit to the last two?). 

I try to break up my TV watching with audiobooks, movies (the real kind--like in a theater), and people watching (I love to knit in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Art).  But in the end, TV is the best and easiest.  Unfortunately, summer is something of a wasteland for good television programming (though I have appreciated the push for new shows in summer--hooray for USA's Political Animals!).  So I was DELIGHTED to get the EW Fall TV Preview in the mail last week.  I devoured it.  Here's what I'm most excited about for fall: 
--The return of "Glee"
--The next season of "The Amazing Race"
--The new show "Nashville" (LOVE Connie Britton)
--The new show "The New Normal"
--Election season on "Saturday Night Live" and the two "Weekend Update" specials
--The last season of "30 Rock"

What are you excited for?

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