Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Knitting for Babies and Kids is Better than Knitting for Grown-Ups!

10. No harm, no foul: Babies and kids look cute in everything
9. Instant gratification: Garments come together super fast
8. Snuggly yarn: Good to cozy up to
7. Crazy kids: Kids and babies can pull off mixing bold patterns and colors (red stripes and orange polka dots)
6. Figure friendly: No need to worry about fit in the hips and bust
5. Commitment free: I can experiment with different yarns and stitches without committing to an entire sweater
4. Space saving: Works in progress don't take over an entire room
3. Traveling companions: Projects easily follow wherever I go and tuck into a small bag
2. No boredom: I don't have to survive 33 inches of the back of an adult sweater
. . .
1. There's no temptation to keep the final product for myself!!

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