Thursday, January 14, 2010

One of My Favorite Patterns

My favorite knitted gift to give is, of course, a baby sweater (or sometimes a dress or hat), but for those friends who aren't expecting or don't have little ones, I love this hat. The pattern was designed by Emilee Mooney, and it's printed in the Fall 2007 issue of Knitty: Shortly after the pattern first came out, I saw someone in my LYS working on a hat, and I had to make one myself! Since then, I've probably made a dozen.

I typically do it in worsted weight yarn, so my hats look more like the orange hat on the right. I really like the way the thinner yarn shows off the pattern. I even made a couple for myself, one in a light aqua, another in forest green--I get tons of compliments on them.

Knitty is a great resource for patterns (for personal use) and for tips and techniques.

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