Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowpocalypse! Snowmageddon!

Call it what you will, but the D.C. area is bracing for a major dumping of snow. It's been snowing fairly steadily for the past few hours, but so far no accumulation. Apparently, it's going to start to stick soon, and we can expect to see 20-30 inches before it's all over. I've lived in a lot of cold-weather places (Boston, Chicago, Michigan), so that much snow isn't entirely novel to me, but the folks in our nation's capital are not accustomed to dealing with the white stuff. So it looks like we could be stuck inside for a while.

Here's Bullet in the last snow storm. You can bet he's excited about this one as well. Actually, not too long ago, he used to LOVE the snow. But as his age is catching up with him, it seems that the snow just makes him grumpy.
The good thing about all of this snow is that it will give me plenty of time to knit this weekend. I have a bunch of projects that are almost finished, so I'm hoping to make some significant headway on those. I'll post whatever I finish.

Enjoy the snow!

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