Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Girls From Ames

Just wanted to plug the book I've been reading and really enjoying.  It's called The Girls from Ames, and it chronicles the lives of 11 women from Ames, Iowa, who have been friends since childhood. 

Ever since I saw Beaches, I've been a sucker for these kinds of friendships-triumph-all sagas in movies and books.  Similarly, this book describes the ups and downs of these 11 (now 10) women's lives and how their friends are there with them through it all.  It's nonfiction, but it largely reads like fiction (though it is a written documentary of sorts, so it's somewhat meditative).  Reading it has made me reflect on my own friendships.  I don't have a big group of 10 friends like the women in the book (though now I kind of wish for one!), but I do have a few friendships that date back to my very early years, which I treasure. 

There are no major conflicts among the women, at least once they reach adulthood, and I find the lack of major drama somewhat reassuring that most friendships are actually not what we see in the movies.  (Translation: if you want action and intrigue, try another book.)

The book's website has an interview with the women, so you can get a real sense of who they are.  I thought it was really interesting to see how close my imagination came to real life. 

Summer's almost over, but if you're looking for something to take you through those last few weeks by the pool, think about this one.

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