Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running to Detroit

I've been flip-flopping on whether I want to run the Detroit Half Marathon in October.  My running has been erratic lately, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to commit to the training (on top of an already very busy fall) when running feels like a real chore.  But over the past few weeks, I've had some really good runs, so I was leaning toward doing it.  Sometimes I've even felt like a real athlete while out (literally) pounding the pavement!

Well, now it's official!  I registered last night, so it's a done deal.  Of course, my run this morning was only so-so, so I guess Mr. Murphy is laughing somewhere.

Notwithstanding this morning's crummy run, I'm excited!  I lived in Ann Arbor a few years ago, and it was hard to see the city of Detroit struggling so much.  So I'm glad for the opportunity to participate in an event that celebrates the city.

But what I'm most excited about is that we get to run across the Ambassador Bridge to Canada!  There are a couple of miles in Canada and then the course goes back to Detroit through the tunnel.  How cool is that??


  1. Good for you! I need to motivate myself to run a mere 5K - if only I could convince my husband to run with me more often :)

  2. You are awesome! I need to motivate myself to run a 5K as well. I am so excited for you! Good luck.