Monday, September 13, 2010

These Signs Always Make Me a Little Nervous

These signs are all over Hilton Head (and probably the entire southeast United States).  I've seen the alligators before, so I know they're not empty threats.  (And I've often wondered what kind of idiot would harass an alligator?!?!)  But the signs are posted right along the bike paths, and I'm always worried that I'll end up with a gator chasing after my bike.  I know I'm being neurotic, but still . . . ! 


  1. I was just going to say who in the world would harass an alligator? You'd have to be pretty stupid I guess...

  2. LOL we were on Fripp Island in early Sept (it is just north of Hilton Head) and we saw similar signs with a $200 fine. I was glad we were riding in a golf cart most of the time :)