Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from Dallas . . .

. . . and had a great time!  The weather on Saturday was gorgeous.  High 80s, and sunny.  The hotel had a gorgeous roof top pool, so I hung out there all afternoon soaking in the sun.

Then came Sunday, which was everything Saturday was not, at least as far as the weather goes.  It was cold (at times really cold), cloudy, and even drizzling on and off.  But the race was still tons of fun.  The course was beautiful, and it was a fun way to see Dallas.  I was really sorry about running another half marathon so soon after New Orleans, but I think I did ok.  Somewhere around mile 8, I started to hurt a lot, but it actually passed, and I finished really strong.  So I was really pleased overall.  I'd definitely do this one again!

BTW, I stayed at the Joule in Dallas.  If you're ever in town and looking for a place to stay, it's one of my favorites.  Very boutique-y, which really appeals to me.  Plus there's that gorgeous pool.  Check out this AMAZING shot of it here.

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful trip. I love Dallas! And that pool is awesome! Love & blessings from NC!