Monday, March 21, 2011

A Very Special Request

I've received a special request from a fellow member of Team EtsyBaby that I'm hoping all of you wonderful followers can help with.  Elaine of GrannysKnits, who also makes adorable handknit sweaters (check them out here), has been raising her grandson Jordan since his mother died unexpectedly in an accident when Jordan was only 2.  Jordan, who is autistic and suffers from bipolar disorder and OCD, turns 13 next week. 

Jordan really loves to receive mail--especially postcards from other parts of the country--so Elaine is trying to recruit a bunch of people to send Jordan a postcard wishing him a happy birthday.  If you're able to pop a postcard from your city, town, or state in the mail in the next few days, that would be wonderful.  Email me at yellowhouseknits[at] for Jordan's mailing address.  It would be wonderful if he got a whole pile of birthday postcards! 

Thanks in advance for being willing to help!  Please be sure to read Elaine's whole story in this article in the Storque.  What an inspiration!


  1. What a fun thing to do. I would love to participate. He will love getting all that mail. Love & blessings from NC!