Monday, April 25, 2011

Take a Back Road

Have you heard Rodney Atkins's new song, "Take a Back Road"?  This song really speaks to me.  I'm notorious for always wanting to take a back road, to see what's around the next bend or down that street, to get lost on purpose (how else do you find the really interesting stuff?).  I love driving around on a nice day, windows down, music turned up, Mr. Bullet in the back seat, just seeing what there is to see.  Who needs the highways when there's so much to see on the back roads? 

And it makes me wanna take a back road
Makes me wanna take the long way home
Put a little gravel in my travel
Unwind, unravel all night long
Makes me wanna grab my honey
Tear down some two-lane country
Who knows
Get lost and get right with my soul
Makes me wanna take
Makes me wanna take a back road.

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