Friday, November 11, 2011

FAQ on 10% Photo Offer

I get a fair number of questions about the 10% Photo Offer (that’s where you can save 10% on a future order if you send a picture of a little one in a YHK sweater), so I thought I would put together a little FAQ. If you have other questions, feel free to email me at yellowhouseknits[at]

Q: Do I have to have purchased the sweater? Does it have to be my child?
A: Nope. The only requirement is that it be a picture of a child wearing a YHK sweater. You don’t have to own the sweater, and it doesn’t have to be your kid.

Q: Does it need to be a professional picture?
A: Definitely not. Snapshots are great.

Q: How many pictures can I send?
A: Well, you can send me as many pictures as you like—more is always better! But you’ll get a discount for each unique sweater/child combination you send. So if you photograph the same sweater on your kid and the kid next door, you’ll get two discounts of 10% off (see below on combining them). If you have three sweaters and photograph all three on the same child, you’ll get three discounts. But if you send four pictures of the same kid wearing the same sweater, I’ll love you for sending so many pictures, but that’s still only one discount.

Q: How do I redeem the offer?
A: When you send the picture, I’ll send you a discount code, which you enter when you check out on Etsy. Super easy.

Q: Can the discounts be combined? Can they be transferred?
A: The discounts can be used separately or stacked. So if you get three discounts, you can combine them for 30% off a single sweater. Or you can save 10% now and save the others for later. Or you can use one yourself and give the other two to friends. (That would make you a very nice friend.)

Q: Can the discounts be used with other offers?
A: In general yes, they can be used with other offers, like the Semi-Annual Sale and the monthly special offers. But read the offers carefully—occasionally I may say that the offer can’t be used with other offers, which includes the 10% Photo Offer.

Q: What will you do with the picture?
A: I’ll post it on the Inside the Yellow House blog and on Facebook so the rest of the world can see how cute it is. But I won’t use it in any other marketing materials without your permission. And I don’t have to use your name or your child’s name if you don’t want me to.

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