Friday, February 13, 2015

Belt Road Revisited

I'm about six months late in posting these, but I wanted to share two examples of the Belt Road sweater in different colorways. I love when clients start with my designs and then tweak them to make the sweaters their own, and these are two really great examples. The possibilities really are endless.

The original is on top, and the variations are below. In the first variation, the client wanted a nautical theme. So we chose the red, navy, gray, and white color scheme, and I had the navy anchor buttons designed to match. In the second variation, the client wanted the dominant color to be the teal in the original sweater, so we moved the colors around and swapped navy for purple. Because we used the same gray, we kept carried over the buttons from the original. I was thrilled with how they both turned out, and--more importantly--the clients were too!

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