Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Color Block Sweater in Pink

I've posted a new sweater on Etsy, the Albermarle Street sweater.  This sweater is essentially a girls' version of the Kennedy Street sweater, which is one of my best sellers.  I've had the Albemarle Street sweater on my to do list for forever given the popularity of Kennedy Street, but other priorities kept getting in the way, so I was so excited to finally get around to it.  I had planned to put the white block on top, so it had sort of an ombre effect, but at the very last minute I made a switch and moved the white to the middle.  It was definitely the right call.  It was a good reminder to trust my gut.  Hope this one is as well-received as Kennedy Street.

Special thanks to Christina Anglum Photography for the gorgeous photographs!

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