Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fire Treasury

I am LOVING this gorgeous treasury, featuring a Yellow House Knits sweater.  It's ironic that just the other day I commented about how popular that sweater is. 

Anyway, this one was made my Dana as an entry in the Treasury Challenge over at Claire and Janae.  Janae picks an item for sale on Etsy and those who enter have to design a Treasury that includes the item.  This week's item was the beautiful lemon drop pendant in the top row.  I think Dana did a fantastic job (and not just because I'm included!).  The winner gets a nice prize--this week a $20 Target gift card--plus a bonus if the Treasury makes the Etsy front page.  I took at look at the entries thus far and there are some other stunning ones. 

Good luck Dana!  Thanks for including my sweater!


  1. Hey you have the featured item? Congratulations! But all your Yellow House Knits are so cute, it deserves to be featured. Smiles.