Monday, June 28, 2010

New Names for Old Sweaters

I've been wanting to rename my sweaters something more fanciful for a while now.  Somehow "Blue Striped Handknit Baby Sweater" didn't really speak to me, and frankly a picture is worth a thousand words.  I've thought about different naming ideas, but I kept coming back to my original one: naming them after D.C. Streets.  I think it's a nice tribute to the D.C. heritage of Yellow House Knits.

I know some of you must think I'm obsessed with the streets of D.C., particularly in view of my State Street Project, but I didn't go so far as to name the sweaters after the state streets (partly because I didn't want to run out of state streets before I run out of sweaters!).  [As an aside, look for an update on the State Street Project soon--I have BIG plans!]  And, while the set of street names I have to work with is somewhat limited, I did give some thought to the names for each sweater.  So, some of the sweaters for little girls now have names like "Jenifer Street," "Allison Street," and "Jocelyn Street."  One with Daisy buttons is now "Spring Street," and the former Seabreezes sweater is now "Beach Drive."  The striped sweater in a range of bright primary and secondary colors is "Appleton Street." 

Now, whenever I drive around, I look at the street signs and ask myself whether the street would make a good name for a sweater and, if so, what type of sweater.

OK, maybe I am obsessed!

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