Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Old But Still Noteworthy

A friend sent me the link to the Letters of Note blog earlier this afternoon, and I keep finding excuses to go back and read more of it.  It's a fascinating archive of correspondence--mostly historical, some from well-known figures, others from every day folk--complete with scans and transcripts of the letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.  With more than 500 entries, there's a lot of emgrossing stuff there.
There's a letter from Alan Shepard to his parents, telling them about his new house, Ann's wedding, and, oh yeah, that he is being considered for the new "Man in Space" program.  There's a letter from a slave named Vilet Lester, describing how she has been sold from one plantation owner to another.  A letter from the product marketing manager for Campbell's Soup to Andy Warhol, expressing appreciation for Warhol's paintings and telling him to expect a shipment of a few cases of tomato soup.  A sweet and gracious letter from David Bowie responding to his "very first American fan letter."  Six different letters to FDR complaining about his decision to move Thanksgiving up a week (one asking if he could also change Sunday to Wednesday). 

Go.  Now.  (But not if you have work to do!)


  1. That sounds so interesting!!!!

    Thanks foe sharing...headed there now.

    Janet xox

    PS...should I do laundry first????

  2. See that word 'foe'?
    Take that 'e' off and put this 'r' in it's place.

    I need more coffee!!!!

    Janet xox