Monday, May 30, 2011

A Different View of Hilton Head

Spent a lovely week on Hilton Head Island last week with my family.  Usually when I post about my trips to Hilton Head, I include a picture of one of the island's gorgeous beaches.  This time, I thought I would highlight something a little different: the amazing trees that cover the island.  Most of the trees are Lives Oaks, which some have characterized as the signature tree of the low country, and many are dripping with Spanish moss. 

The particular trees in these pictures are located in one of my favorite spots on Sea Pines, in a quiet clearing just off of the bike path connecting Harbor Town and Baynard Ruins.  It's one of my favorite spots to sit and read or just be.  The canopy of trees provides welcome shade from the South Carolina sun, and the birds chirping overhead create lovely background music.  

Don't get me wrong: I go to Hilton Head primarily for the great beaches, but the spectacular foliage--and these particular trees--are an added bonus.

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