Sunday, July 3, 2011

Etsy Front Page Challenge

Yellow House Knits has been on Etsy for almost two years now and has never been on the front page.  Not once.  Rather than letting myself be bitter about it, I'm issuing a challenge.

As you may know, the items on the front page are chosen from Etsy treasuries, which are collections of items chosen by Etsy members.  The items often have a theme or unifying thread--color, use, texture, etc.  I've posted treasuries featuring Yellow House Knits sweaters in the past (click on the "Treasury Department" tag below to see lots of examples).

So here's the challenge:  Create a treasury (or, better yet, multiple treasuries) featuring a Yellow House Knits sweater.  If you're new to Etsy or to treasury making, you can find some tips here.  If your treasury makes it to the front page with the YHK item included, you win a $65 gift certificate to Yellow House Knits, which you can redeem for a free sweater.  Just send me an email ( claiming your prize.  It's that easy.  Good luck!

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