Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heaven in Two Bites

Two years ago, NPR rather boldly declared that macarons were the next cupcakes.  Since then, I haven't seen any signs that America's love affair with cupcakes is waning.  That's a-ok with me because I love a good cupcake--particularly when the ratio of frosting to cake is sky high.  That said, I was happy to hear about the arrival of macarons on the desert scene, though I didn't have a whole lot of options to develop a love affair with these little confections.

That all changed when The Sweet Lobby arrived on Capitol Hill.  Tucked into a tiny space between Dunkin' Donuts and my go-to place for Thai take-out, The Sweet Lobby offers the most divine macarons.  They are the perfect combination of crunchy, chewy, creamy, and gooey--and, in the case of the hazelnut-praline salted caramel macarons, salty and sweet.  In a word, they are "amazing" (though it would be more accurate to take two words and call them "absolutely amazing").  I have a hard time trying to decide between all of the flavors (raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, lemon--I'll take one of each please!) and the rainbow of colors.  They come beautifully package in a pretty little box so I've been justifying my repeat purchases as gifts to myself.  Since The Sweet Lobby opened, I've been OBSESSED with this place and these little bites of heaven.  If you're in the neighborhood, go now!  And get a box for me!

(Photos courtesy of The Sweet Lobby.)

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