Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tracking Guinness

I admit to being a bit obsessed with the animal tracker on the National Aquarium's website.  Consider the story of Guinness, a young gray seal who was found stranded on a North Carolina beach in March.  He was taken to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and found to have a broken jaw and to be underweight and severely dehydrated. 

Guinness was nursed back to health at the aquarium, where he gained 110 pounds.  He was released back to the Atlantic on June 24.  But before they let Guinness go, they affixed a satellite transmitter to his back.  The transmitter will eventually fall off when he molts, but in the meantime we can track Guinness's movements online on the aquarium's website.  As of the last update, he was swimming around near Maine, which means he has traveled nearly 600 miles.  I find that to be truly astonishing.  Happy travels Guinness!  Be safe out there!

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