Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In June and July, I . . .

--Spent two lovely weekends in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania.  The first was for my birthday (the hotel had this *amazing* (ginormous) cupcake waiting for me), and Mr. Bullet came along too, which was such fun!  The second was a mid-summer getaway with a friend.  The weather was lousy both weekends, but I always love going there. 

--Hosted a Steelers-themed bridal shower for one of my good friends.  Look for pictures of that soon.

--Celebrated my niece's baptism.  She howled the whole time--had the whole church laughing. 

--Started the new "Street Level" feature here, which will showcase the D.C. streets that Yellow House Knits sweaters are named after.  It's been really fun to prowl around the city and explore some of the streets I previously knew in name only.  I can't wait to share them all with you.

--Survived my very first (and hopefully only!) derecho.  I'm not usually scared of storms, but WOW this was something.  And the damage was astounding.  Luckily my power didn't go out, like the rest of the District, so that was a good thing.  

--Got sucked into the Olympics.  Every year, I swear I'm not going to end up glued to the TV and every year I end up scheduling two weeks of my life around swimming, gymnastics, and diving.  At least I get a lot of knitting done!

--Basked in the heat! I know most people hate the D.C. summers, but I love the heat of summer. (I could do without some of the humidity though.) So this summer, which has been exceptionally hot, has been great for me! 

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