Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Level: East Capitol Street

For the next edition of Street Level, I thought I'd stay a little closer to home.  I ventured over to East Capitol Street, which is just blocks from the Yellow House.  East Capitol Street radiates from the Capitol out to the eastern edge of the city, where it continues into Maryland.  It and the other Capitol Streets (North and South), form the framework of the city's geographical quadrants.  East Capitol divides the eastern two quadrants of the city (Northeast and my own Southeast). 

East Capitol Street is a quintessential Capitol Hill street.  It is primarily residential, with a sprinkling of businesses mixed in, mostly of the type that have been around forever.  Many of the houses are large, gracious red brick townhouses, with a fair number of original wooden structures as well.  It's a street with a real sense of history.

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