Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anatomy of a Custom Order

I'm often surprised at how reluctant people are to order custom sweaters.  I think they don't trust their own abilities to pick out what's going to look good.  Generally they order an in-stock sweater in a different size or they defer to me entirely to pick colors and styles.

For those who are interested in a custom sweater but don't know where to start, I often suggest they start with an in-stock sweater they like and tweak it to make their sweater unique.  So consider the brown and turquoise sweater on the left below.  If we change the dominant colors from brown and turquoise to pink and sour apple green, make it a cardigan instead of a pullover, change the neckline, and swap out the buttons, we have an entirely different sweater.  But it's really not such a leap from the first sweater to the second.

So while I'm always happy to sell an in-stock sweater or to make one to order in a larger or smaller size, I really encourage buyers to consider customizing a sweater so it's exactly what they want.  If you're going to invest in a handknit baby sweater, why not make it perfect?


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