Saturday, March 13, 2010

Overheard in D.C.

DCist has a great feature called "Overheard in D.C.," which consistently makes me laugh out loud.  Here are some of my favorites.  (My friend actually submitted the first one.  I'm so proud of her . . .)

At the corner of 13th and E Streets NW:
Group of tourists: "Do you know where the monument is?"
Passerby: "Which monument?"
Tourist: "The pencil-y one."

At the National Zoo:
Young Son: "Mom, I want to go see the lions." (heads towards Great Cats exhibit)
Mom: "But that says 'Great Cats.'"
Young Son: "Mom, lions are cats..."

Line for the Megabus in New York leaving for D.C.:
20-something Woman: "Which bus are you waiting for?"
Man: "This line is for the bus going to Washington, D.C."
Woman: "Do you think it stops in Boston?"
Man: "Probably not."

At Pentagon City Metro around 4 p.m. on Friday:
Woman 1 (on her phone, texting): "Is 'trynda' a word?"
Woman 2: "What?"
Woman 1: "You know, like, 'I'm trynda do somethin'"

Headed toward Franconia-Springfield during an evening commute:
Older woman on the phone: "Hi Steve, it's Beth. The wedding is off tomorrow... yeah... Mary's water just broke."

Nighttime at the Giant at 9th and O NW:
Giant employee to homeless man: "Sir! Sir, you can't sleep in the frozen food section."

Around noon on a Wednesday:
A family of tourists is admiring the Dept. of Treasury.
Daughter (around 14): "Wow, that's a cool house!"
Son (around 10): "That's not a house, that's the castle where the king of the United States lives!"

At the National Menorah on the seventh night of Hanukkah:
Guy: "That last light bulb must have burned out."

In the guestbook at the Smithsonian American Art Museum:
One entry: "This museum is great, but the overemphasis on American artists is self-detrimental. In order for this museum to be credible it needs to have more representation from European artists."
Next entry: "That's because its the AMERICAN art gallery, douche-face."

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