Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slow Down

Yesterday, I had a hectic and frustrating day. I ended up getting home from work later than I had hoped to and was anxious to get my evening run in so I wouldn't be eating dinner in the middle of the night. So, when I took Mr. Bullet out to do his business, I was doing my best to move him along.

Except he was having none of it. Despite my urging to the contrary, he was poking around, smelling everything, lifting his leg on any available upright (trees, fences, sign posts, garbage cans, and so on). When a car started across the street, he stopped in his tracks and watched the car drive away as though he'd never seen something so interesting.

So, eventually I gave in and decided to mosey along with him. Our sprint around the block became a stroll.

And that's when I noticed that it was an absolutely beautiful evening with just a sliver of a moon in the sky. And I noticed that the daffodils are just starting to come up. One of my neighbors is painting her house a really pretty caramel color. They finally fixed that pothole on Independence Avenue.

It was something of an ah-ha moment--a reminder that sometimes we're just so busy that we miss the opportunity to stop and look around and just enjoy the little things. Like an evening stroll with your dog.


  1. Sounds lovely. I think I'll take an evening stroll tonight, thanks for the reminder :)

  2. My boys and I noticed that to when we got home last night. We stood outside in the yard looking at the stars.


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  4. Your blog is precious and I love your Etsy store. :)
    This was such a lovely post. I'm glad you decided to slow down, even if just for an evening. Sounds like you had a nice stroll.

    I'm so glad you visited me over at my site. Thank you so much and I look forward to following you as well.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hello , Hello! thanks so much for visiting my little blog. What a wonderful knitter you are..I call you ladies authentic knitters...not wanna-be's like me ;-) We are also not too far from each hubby commutes to DC..we live in Warrenton,Va. I am happily now a follower! Have a beautiful weekend...should be in the 70's!!!

  6. LOVE your blog! I am now a "follower" 

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  7. The Buddhists would agree with you completely...

  8. I needed to read this today. What a wonderful sentiment.