Monday, March 8, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

I love these days when the air is still crisp, but you can actually feel the sun on your face.  The Weather Channel says it's supposed to be at least 60 degrees all week, which to me means that maybe spring has sprung.  My next-door neighbor warned me not to get my hopes up, but they are already way, WAY up! 

Yesterday, I hung a wreath on my front door, on the grounds that if I act like it's spring, it will be spring.  Now, I just need to get some flowers in that pot next to the door!


  1. Well it's always spring here inside my yellow kitchen. Yellow and white, so bright. I too hope the temperatures keep moving up instead of down


  2. A yellow and white kitchen? That sounds so lovely!

  3. I hope that you are right and spring is here! Its been warmish (50's - thats warm to us!) here and I'm really, really hoping it sticks around!

  4. I was hoping for the same thing but it didn't turn out so well. We had a great week and now it is chilly again. ugh! I need Spring!

    I am following you via Friday Follow. I hope you can stop by and see me too.