Monday, March 1, 2010

Newly Finished

Here's an early look at a sweater I finished knitting this weekend.  I was really happy to finally be finished with it because I had to redo the neckline a bunch of times before I was satisfied.  It was super frustrating, but in the end I'm pleased with how it turned out.

This sweater is actually a variant of a custom order I did recently, in which the stripes were very pale.  I figured for this one, I would use brighter stripes, but the overall effect is still pretty demure.

I think this sweater would work well in a more coordinated color scheme as well, for example different shades of pink for the stripes.  Or a dark blue blue sweater with stripes in medium blue, light blue, and white.

I need to block the sweater over the next few days, which should smooth it out and make it look "finished," but it should be available on Etsy soon.


  1. That is a beautiful sweater!!!! I wish I knew how to knit!!!

    Happy Monday!!! I am still trying to catch up on Friday Follow!!!! Have a great week!!!


  2. Redoing stuff is frustrating to me too, but look how cute it came out!! Good job.

  3. Oh it is so beautiful! Well done:)

  4. Beautiful!! I really should learn how to knit, since all my friends are having babies these days, but I think I'll just visit your Etsy store instead. :)

  5. Visint you from Friday Follow....Im your latest follower. Will love for you to visit and follow my blog at

    -Blessing @ Safe Home Happy Mom

  6. What a cute sweater! I love it except it looks too small for my youngest lil man. LOL Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving some love!

  7. Oh my gosh you made that?! You're good, it's adorable!

    Following you now from FF!