Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, probably because I've developed a Fourth of July routine that includes some of my favorite events.

First, I ran the Autism Speaks 5K in Potomac, Maryland.  I've run this race every year for the past five years, and I've watched it grow from a small, community race to a real event.  The course runs through a Potomac neighborhood and, while lovely, is really hilly.  Which means that it kicks my butt every year.  But it's all worth it because the race raises money for a great cause.  And they always have pizza at the finish line.  (Nothing like a slice of pizza at 9am after running three miles!).

After the race, I rushed home to make it in time for the Capitol Hill parade.  The parade is, hands down, my favorite Hill event.  It is not a sophisticated affair (more like festive chaos), but everyone comes out to see the parade and celebrate the holiday.

The Marine Corps band is the most polished part of the parade.  But in my opinion, cheering as the local boys' basketball team does its thing and collecting candy from the Girls Scouts is just as much fun.   To me, the parade epitomizes the community and neighborhood spirit that I love about the Hill.

The parade is not Mr. Bullet's favorite event.  I think the heat and noise and crowds are a little too much for him, but he tolerates it.  And he puts with the American flag and parade beads I make him wear at least through the end of the parade.

Later in the evening, Mr. Bullet and I walked to the Library of Congress to watch the fireworks.  It's a great place to see the fireworks without having to brave the crowds and security checks on the Mall.  I think they were better than ever this year!

Hope you had a happy Fourth as well!


  1. Sounds like you had a great 4th of July celebration! Congratulations on finishing your Autism 5K race - good for you!! We had great 4th celebration with fireworks over here too. Say Mr. Bulllet looks rather handsome in his red, white and blue - are you sure he's not enjoying himself?


  2. That sounds like a perfect day! Congrats on your race. I'm very impressed - especially with the heat like it is.