Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again"

Last night I went to a screening of the classic movie "Rebecca" at the National Theater as part of the "Dial H for Hitchcock" summer movie series.  "Rebecca" is one of my all-time favorite books, and I love the movie as well (the creepy Mrs. Danvers always gets under my skin!).  I hadn't seen the movie in a while, so it was fun to see it again and to watch the reactions of people seeing it for the first time. 

But truth be told, I was pretty disappointed in the overall experience.  I love seeing old movies in grand old theaters (many of which (not the National) were actually originally movie houses).  But instead, the movie was shown in a long skinny gallery on a tiny screen.  I could barely see the screen, and the plastic patio chair I was sitting on wasn't terribly comfortable.  Plus, the guy sitting next to me was eating McDonald's and kept trying to talk to me during the first half of the movie. 

I hate to complain so much--I was just so bummed by the way things turned out.  They annouced before the movie started that they simply don't have the funds to show the movies in the main theater, much as they'd like to.  And I totally get that--I just wish it had been advertised as such so I'd known in advance what I was getting into before I left work early to be there.   And I wish they'd charge some nominal amount and turn these showings into a fundraiser so that at some point in the future they can show movies on the big screen.

All that said, I'll try to go to another showing this summer.  I hate, hate, hate when people complain but don't do anything to resolve a bad situation.  If the theater has strong support for the "Dial H for Hitchcock" series, maybe it will think more seriously about trying to raise the funds to move the movies to the mainstage.  Only next time, I'll get there earlier for a better seat.  Anyone in D.C. want to join me for "Dial M for Murder" in August?

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