Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Aboard!

I've blogged before about how much I love taking the train.  Every time I'm in Union Station here in D.C., I think how much I like the huge posters on the wall advertising the various Amtrak routes and trains.  The artist behind these cool posters is Michael Schwab, and you've almost certainly seen his work around.  Think of the National Parks Services posters, the Lara Bar wrapper, California avocados.  The posters are for sale on his website, and while I'm not sure I would plan my whole decor around Amtrak, I think they could be really neat (as my dad would say) in the right space.  I love the old-timey look and the way they romanticize travel.  Who wants to go on a trip?



  1. Michael Schwab does very nice work and these are great posters. Nice art deco designs with the geometic shapes.

    The first series are quite hard to find - even on ebay.

    However, that first series it is a bit too similar to Bern Hill's railway posters from the 1950's in my opinion...especially that orange grove design.

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