Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Glory Days of '80s TV

I've been feeling a little lazy lately, so I've been spending more time than I should watching TV.  On Saturday night, I ordered take out and spent the whole evening watching reruns.  I felt a little bit decadent, but it got me thinking about Saturday nights when I was a kid.

Back then, my parents went out almost every Saturday night, so my brother and I almost always had a baby sitter, which we LOVED.  (Sally, Susan, and Katie, if you're reading, thanks for all the good memories!)  We'd get to eat something *crazy* for dinner like frozen fish sticks and macaroni and cheese (my favorite) or Chef Boyardee and then we'd make popcorn (Jiffy Pop, of course--this was before microwave popcorn took off) and watch NBC's Saturday night line up, beginning with Solid Gold at 7.  We watched the Eastland girls grow up, sat on the front stoop on 227, "pictured it" in Sicily, and giggled at the twin antics of those Double Trouble sisters. 

How many of these friends do you remember? 


  1. Oh yes! I remember all of them. Loved 80s TV! Solid Gold was the bomb girl. LOL

  2. I so love the Golden Girls. They are my quilty pleasure.