Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bullet in Blue?

In the past, people have told me that they think Mr. Bullet looks like the Blue Dog. Made famous in the ads for Absolut Vodka, the Blue Dog has been a favorite of mine since long before Bullet arrived.

You can see the resemblance, right? It's clearly the big satelite dish ears, but I think it's also the earnest face and the soulful eyes.

The Blue Dog paintings are the work of Cajun painter George Rodrigue, who has a studio in New Orleans.  So I was really excited to see some of the blue dogs for myself when I was there this weekend.  They are amazing!
Did you know that when Rodrigue first began to paint the his blue dogs, modeled after his long-time canine studio companion, Tiffany, people didn't much care for the them?  Seems hard to believe given how well known and much beloved they are today.  You can read that story and other interesting ones on Rodrigue's wife's blog.  

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