Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!

Administrative Professionals' Day snuck up on me today, but luckily I remembered in time to be able to say a big THANK YOU to everyone I work with.  And if you work in an administrative support position, I hope someone remembered to say "thank you" as well.  If not, I'm thanking you on their behalf.

At my office, we had a fancy lunch today for everyone to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day.  It was actually surprisingly good!  For dessert, they had a Good Humor ice cream cart, complete with a fun umbrella like the one you see here.  The cart had ice cream sandwiches, King Cones, Chocolate Eclair bars, and all sorts of other cool treats.  Felt just like summer!


  1. mmmmm {drooling}

    Why wasn't I invited?! Sound like a good time!

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