Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smelly Markers

Do you ever stumble across something--an object, a smell, an image--that instantly transports you back to another time and place?  It's funny how the strangest things can evoke such powerful memories.

This morning I was in a client's conference room rummaging through a cabinet for a notepad and found a box of Mr. Sketch scented markers, which I knew as "smelly markers" in my elementary school days.  I LOVED those markers, and would often come home from school with a rainbow of marker smudges on my nose and upper lip from inhaling those non-toxic aromas. 

It's probably been 10 years since I've seen one of these markers, but one whiff of the baby-aspirin orange marker, and I was back in third grade, and my best friend Julie and I were coloring fruit shapes on our hands and arms with the hope of preserving the wonderful smells.  We would come home with more tatoos than Bombshell McGee.  My mother must have been so thankful they weren't permanent. 

What takes you back?


  1. LOL!! I love when smells bring back good times :)

  2. Little Yellow House,

    Every time I smell Estee Lauder Youth Dew, I am transported back to my dorm room at college and my roommate. That was her favorite fragrance and we used to have such a great time together.

  3. I love these markers too! My daughter came home from Kindergarten last week with a drawing she did with these markers - I smelled each area of her paper! L0L