Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shrinky Dink Art

As a kid, I LOVED my Shrinky Dinks.  I thought it was so cool to pop my little artistic masterpieces in the microwave and see them dance on the cookie sheet until they emerged a fraction of their original size.  Of course, back then, I thought the sole utility of Shrinky Dinks was creating miniatures of Smurfette and Strawberry Shortcake (back when she wore the pinafore--before they sexed her up). 

Anyway, I was browsing Kalleen's lovely blog At Second Street, and I discovered that she is quite the Shrinky Dink artist.  Check out the straight pins and push pins she's given as gifts.  They're absolutely adorable.  If she and I were friends, I would be dropping some not-so-subtle hints. 

Kalleen's genius got my own artistic juices flowing, and I poked around a bit online to discover that Shrinky Dink crafts are a real art form.  Some of my favorites are below: 

I think some Shrinky Dink trinkets will be making an appearance at an upcoming event hosted by me--I'm thinking they would be great place cards or buffet labels or gift bag tags.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. Those are adorable! I too loved those as a kid. I had no idea they made a comeback.

  2. I used to love those too. I would love to get some for my class!!

  3. Yes!! I use Shrinky Dinks for my jewelry and I love to work with them. Definitely a great medium to work with!

    Following (late) from Friday Follow...better late than never!

  4. Oh my goodness!! my girls were talking about those just the other day. They used to love making Shrinky Dinks!
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    I am following you from FF

  5. I'm following you from Friday Follow! Your blog is the cutest one I've ever seen!

  6. I love that bracelet! Just what I needed I new hobby. This is just the best project for me and my daughter on the next rainy weekend.

  7. Oh my goodness...I have been looking for Shrinky Dinkys locally for several months now! I think I am going to have to order them online!

    Thank you so much for being my new follower! I am really looking forward to reading your blog too. xoxo

  8. Oh dear. I remember Shrinky Dinks from when I was little. Now I feel old.