Monday, April 26, 2010

Mid-South Vacation Recap

Well the trip to Memphis was as good as I hoped!  What a nice weekend--we had such a great time!

We left D.C. on Friday morning and got to our hotel by about 2pm.  We went straight to Rendezvous--one of Memphis's premier BBQ joints--for a late lunch, which was delicious as usual.  We bummed around town for a while and then went to a Redbirds game in the evening.  (I'm not a big sports fan, but I think Minor League baseball is really fun, and AutoZone Park is just so charming.)  The game was rained out, but it was fun while it lasted. 

Saturday morning started out pretty ominously, with thunder, lightning, rain, and fog.  We made our way to the federal courthouse, where we had a reunion party with the people we used to work with.   We talked and laughed and ate more BBQ.  By the time we wrapped up, the sun had come out and there was a light, pleasant breeze.  My best friend and I (that's her in the purple sweater in the lower right picture, and I'm in the green dress) got in the car and headed for Oxford, Mississippi.  

If it's possible, the weather got even more gorgeous as we drove further South.  By the time we got to Oxford, it was absolutely beautiful.  It was the Double Decker Festival, and everyone in Oxford was out, feeling festive. We walked around the Square, listened to music, and people-watched, until it was time for dinner at City Grocery, another of our favorites (the homemade whoopie pies for dessert were--in a word--amazing).  We spent a good hour at Square Books, one of the best bookstores in the world, browsing (and buying) before heading back to Memphis.  

On Sunday morning, we had brunch in downtown Memphis and then got ready to leave.  All in all, it was a perfect weekend. 

Unfortunately, all good things must end, and I came back from Memphis with a high fever, cough, and sore throat,  but I'm so grateful that my sickness didn't set in until the plane ride home.  So I'm at home today catching up on my daytime TV (and blogging!).


  1. You are such a pretty lady!!! What a great time you had! That sounds terrific. I am not much of a sports fan either, but I do enjoy minor league baseball as well. We have the Durham Bulls here. Did you buy a lot of books? I love to read. I could ship you tons of books and books on tape. Hope you had a terrific Monday!

  2. I love when friends get together and have fun!!!! I did the same with a friend from high school (class 72) this weekend in Amish country...such fun..;-)

  3. sounds like an amazing trip! hope you feel better, and get to enjoy on some major tv watching :)

  4. FUN! I'm from around the area and am bias to Memphis bbq!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow. Hope you can come by for a visit!

  5. New from the Friday Follow! Love your blog! Stop by and visit me sometime!

  6. Stopping by from Friday Follow. I am your newest follower.

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