Monday, April 19, 2010

The iPhone Way to Fly

I don't think it would be hyperbole to say that my iPhone has revolutionized my approach to air travel.  In the old days, I would lug a stack of books and magazines along with me and hope that the movie was worth watching.  But flying was still pretty tedious, especially for long cross-country flights.

But then I started downloading TV shows and movies to my iPhone.  And suddenly I had a way to pass long blocks of time in the air.  Occasionally, I rent movies to watch while I'm flying, but more often I download an entire season of a TV show and watch one episode after the next.  I love that because I don't have to wait a week between episodes, I don't have to suffer through cliff-hangers.  It's been a great way for me to indulge my obsession with TV without committing to watching new shows each week.  I've discovered Gossip Girl, Greek, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Raising The Bar this way.  I'm currently working my way through the Good Wife (which is a great show), and I'm planning to watch Glee next.

I don't mean to suggest that my iPhone has made squeezing into a tiny seat with absolutely no legroom and no peanuts pleasant, but it's at least more pleasant than it used to be.  And the period of unpleasantness seems to go faster.

(The thought has crossed my mind that if travel is good with an iPhone, it would be really good with an iPad . . . )


  1. Yep! I'm with you while an iphone is a must have - can you imagine what having an ipad must be like? I have to get one.

  2. I am still on the fence on whether to get an iphone or itouch. I hate At&T, so I am patiently waiting to see if Verizon will get the opportunity to sell them and I like the idea of having 2 separate things, my phone and then my "toy", so if one has issues I always have the other. Hmmmm, decisions.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate