Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Next Blog

Do you ever hit the "Next Blog" button in the Blogger header just to see what comes up?  When I'm stuck on a conference call or wasting time online, I find that I can get sucked into clicking through the "next blogs."  Most of them are blogs that I run right past--blogs that are in foreign languages or blogs that are totally outside my interest areas (comic book characters or ultimate fighting or breeding horses).  But every now and then I find one that catches my interest, and occasionally I'm so interested that I follow the blog. 

Here are a couple of the gems that I've found in the rubble of the blogosphere:
The Twiddletails Blog: Gorgeous quilts--make me wish I had the patience for quilting
Diary of a Pizza Girl: Funny and fascinating stories from the pizza delivery front. 
Ink Obsession Designs: Really beautiful (clean and modern) stationery and invitations
All About Mommies: The joys and trials of being a mom

I also stumbled on Katie's great blog Sunshine and Bubblegum just this morning, but of course I'd already found that one. 


  1. So I just did it and wow! There are so many blogs out there. I saw one about lamas.


  2. Never noticed that button learn something new everyday, dontcha?! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Everytime I tried it, I got foreign language blogs! Thank you for joining Friday Follow. Glad to have you part of the fun. Rita @ One 2 Try.

  4. Oh my gosh, I do this too!! Ha ha... I always get a foreign language blog or some bizzaro blog by some crazy druggie...

    I wonder if anyone ever gets my blog when they click next... :)

  5. You mean you guys do this too? I call myself surfing the blogs to see what all out there and a lot of them have such interesting layouts, if not content, that I wonder how they're able to do it with blogspots. Oh well, it's a fun past time when you on hold. Sure and sometimes you do come across 1 or 2 that you start following - so it's all good. -Haupi